Web Design

What Do You Need:

- Audio/Video

- Flash/Multimedia

- Photo Gallery

- User Authentication

- Member Area

- File Upload/Download

- SiteSearch

- Interactive Maps

- FAQ Database

- RSS/Newsfeeds

- Podcasts

- Blogs

- Surveys & Polls

- Online Donations

- Event Registrations

- Event Calendars

An online presence is your single most important marketing tool. Use a firm that has the right knowledge, tools, and techniques for maximizing your website's effectiveness; use a firm that can design and develop the website that your business needs and deserves. Our web design and development services are versatile

Please visit our Portfolio for examples of our work.


Custom Web Site Design And Development

A powerful web presence requires more than just a pretty face. It must also be built upon the solid principals of search optimization, usability, and value for your customers.

At Ponca City Web Solutions, we build sites with high visual appeal without compromising the principles that are often over-looked by others. You can be confident that your website will include all of the following:

  • Unique, visually appealing and professional design
  • User-friendly layout and navigation
  • Cross-browser compatibility - Thoroughly tested across browsers and display resolutions
  • Substantial flexibility in design/layout changes via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Search-engine optimized from the ground up
  • Fast and responsive page-loading and functionality
  • Built with the latest standards and technologies, including HTML 5, XHTML, and CSS
  • Whether you need a basic brochure site or an advanced web presence with interactive features, We will deliver. Our capabilities allow you to capitalize on today's growing trends in interactivity, rich media, mobile and more.

Enjoy the benefits of a fully dynamic, data-base driven site. Incorporate the ultra-cool AJAX framework for more efficient and interactive web experiences for your visitors. Display relevant newsfeeds, blog posts and other information to capture and hold the attention of your target audience. The possibilities are as broad as the Internet itself!

Once your site is up and running, update your content regularly. Do it yourself, or let us apply the updates for you. Learn more about solutions to keep up with content maintenance for your website.


Is Your Website A Snoozer?

Is your website old and tired? Does it convey professionalism and credibility? Does it keep the attention of your visitors? Is it generating sales, leads or a favorable lasting impression of your company? If your answer is "No", or "I don't know", then your website may be costing you far more than you realize. When done right, your website will generate business, not just a business expense!

If you are ready for a fresh new look or expanded functionality, We can work with you on a website re-design. Use this opportunity to revamp your site's overall appearance, add new content, or incorporate functionality that your current site lacks. This effort would be conducted within the context of effective search engine optimization practices, as well.